about differents laws in other countries.

Hello everyone! I would like to ask something about laws in US.
what do you think about guns in US?
I ask this because today, my friends and I, we were talking about it, and we had differents perspectives about it, in my personal opinion I not agree with the liberty with guns in US, for me this is no the solution for the problems with insecurity, why you need an arm for be safe? if you need it, that is a really solution?.
I respect the laws in different countries, and I just want to know differents opinions of other people... by the way in Mexico there is a expresion about difficult topics like this: "topics as sports, politic and religion, never has an answer".

have a nice day (or night)


Jun 6, 2014 1:06 AM
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"The shortcoming of your argument is that you are presenting your personal opinion,
in the errant supposition that your opinion overrides the U. S. Constitution.
The United States of American is governed by Law, and not, as you suppose, your personal opinion.

You can talk dismarmament of the American people. However, your argument will be met with force. That is why the American Citizens have the arms to begin with." - Bruce


It is not my opinion but a fact that the police department and other law enforcing agencies are running on tax money. What is the purpose of their existence according to your understanding?

June 13, 2014

"I just think that although people claim they need their guns to protect themselves, owning a gun actually makes you more vulnerable in the first place." - Eloise


Hello, Eloise, I don't think that gun ownership by ordinary citizens necessarily makes you "more vulnerable" (to murder) in the first place.  I think that there are other factors here to consider instead of the availability of guns in a society which makes people more vulnerable to murder.   Perhaps, the mindset of people towards how they should treat their follow human beings is an important factor to consider in determining why people are "made vulnerable".


"World Murder Statistics - US At .0042%: All Other Countries Listed Above US Have 100% Gun Bans"


<a href=""></a>;

SWITZERLAND (not shown on this list) has NO MURDER


However, SWITZERLAND'S law requires that everyone:

1. Own a gun

2. Maintain marksman





June 8, 2014

 "I just think that although people claim they need their guns to protect themselves,

 owning a gun actually makes you more vulnerable in the first place."-----Eloise Oakes


      The obvious question my friend is whether you have factual   data showing  that  

"owning a gun"  makes a person   "more vulnerable".


  To what  circumstance, does gun ownership make a person  "vulnerable"?

June 8, 2014


I hope you will understand that I did extend respect to your opinion.

It is just that after I informed you that the right that citizens of the United States

 have to keep and bear is grounded in law rather than  personal opinion of the citizens;   and after I informed you   that "insecurity"  is not the foundation  of the Second Amendment, you repeated your original opinion that questioned whether arms  are necessary to maintain   security and freedom.


  It is not clear when you present such a  question about the laws of a soveriegn nation that is not your nation,  whether or not your intention is to interfere with the people  and the laws of that nation.


  For example, I might  discuss American laws with Americans freely, 

 but I would be far less inclined to discuss  the laws of another nation, challenging the credibility of those laws, without first doing research about that nation and its history.

It is not   reasonable I think,  to question  the laws of   foreign nations, and then  respond as though I have been offended when the citizens of that nation  offer direct information which shows my opinion to be poorly informed.

June 8, 2014

In the UK guns are very tightly controlled and your average person cannot own a firearm unless they are in specific jobs (not even the police unless they're in a specially-trained unit) and I whole-heartedly believe that it makes the citizens of the UK far less likely to be victims of gun crime. You only have to look at gun homicide figures to see this. In the US their last mass shooting was only a couple of weeks ago but in the UK it was 4 years ago and the one before that was in 1996. I just think that although people claim they need their guns to protect themselves, owning a gun actually makes you more vulnerable in the first place.

June 8, 2014
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