using music to improve vocabulary (specifically 1 artist)

Everyone know that music is a great way to help you get better in a second language. I am a long time spanish language learner and know about 20 songs, most of them by a group called Estopa, by heart, for the most part. However, everytime broad melodies are part of a song, memorizing the lyrics becomes a little bit harder. I just recently, started listening to a rap/hip hop band called calle 13, and to me their lyrics are brillant. The remind me of Eminem so much, even though they sing and rap in different languages. My advice to English speaker, find, buy, download for free, watch on youtube etc, as many Eminem songs as possible. The guy is a straight lyrical genious. Even if you don't like rap, as I mostly don't, there are so many benifits of getting into some of his  songs. Your language pronunciation and vocab will soar. He speaks slow enough that he is quite easy to comprend. and each song has enough hooks to keep you coming back for me. I would suggest starting on youtube, doing a quick search for something like > Eminem with lyrics and watching 10 to 15 songs to find out which you are into, and then go back and watch again and again. Look up words in phrases in real time with open in a seperate window, and your language learning will get seriously better. Good luck!

Jun 7, 2014 3:09 PM
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June 7, 2014

Sonia- I like alot of songs in Spanish! My favorite band is estopa but like lots of others. My post and entry was mainly talking about eminem and calle 13 as being two artists that speak in the target language clearly enough to improve your vocab immensly. I listed some good Eminem songs above and in terms of calle 13, I think so many are brillant. Adentro, Vuelta al Mundo. Latinamerica, a mi guardia, en Hawaii, No hay nadie como tu, etc etc etc.... I have been in Latin America for awhile so I obviously know and listen to all sorts of latin music. )

June 7, 2014

Hello, thank you for the advice.

And which songs in Spanish do you like?

Have you ever heard  any Uruguayan songs?

June 7, 2014

thanks a lot for the advice, I'll try doing it :D

June 7, 2014

On youtube, search Eminem with lyrics, and check out the brillance of word play in:



Lose Yourself

Sing For the Moment

Toy Soldiers

The way I am


So many more, almost everyone has at least 20 lines of pure genious with words and the informal English language. 


June 7, 2014
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