Jon Smith
Salve quam vos,

Looking for Classical Latin partners.

Jun 8, 2014 4:08 AM
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Salve amice! 


Quae texturae legendae sint?



July 17, 2014

salve Jon! ut vales? si vales valeo.

ad hoc locum veniebam ut latinitatem meam exercitem. spero nos posse auxiliare invicem. si mecum exercitare latinitatem tuam vis, gaudio exsultabo.

I came here to practice my latin. I hope that we are able to help each other. I will be glad if you want to practice your latin with me.

I have a thorough understanding of latin grammar but have little practice in using the language on a regular basis, so my reading is slow because I lack a lot of vocabulary. I hope we can both learn from each other.

June 10, 2014
Jon Smith
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