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Tell me about your school days

Tell me about your school days. Did you like going to school? Did you have mates or friends?

What did you feel on the way to Hell that place? Were you interested in studying? What was your favorite subject?

Maybe you have some funny stories? Tell me! (:

I'm just wondering how different people relate to the school atmosphere.


Jun 8, 2014 11:48 AM
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I didn't like to go to school ,I was not getting along with my classmates, I hated school, some of them were not nice, other were annoying, but I got good grades in math, biology, chemistry and physics :D

June 8, 2014

I went to college, but there was no way I was prepared for that. Professors were also abusive, and I was entirely alienated. I literally had no friends there either.

I remember being disappointed because there was no discussion of the existence of God in College, and I was very curious on that subject.

My mind was very inquisitive. I thought most of the questions professors assignments and questions and criticisms to be utterly selfish and superficial. I dropped out of College after the first semester and joined the U. S. Marine Corps later that year. Everything I have learned since, has come from my own reading and study. Oddly, I am often accused of writing like a college professor. In fact, I have counted 8 men with Doctoral Degrees who decided they would challenge me in debate on the Internet. All 8 of them lost.

(I do love learning, and I love teaching with a passion.)


June 10, 2014


  I liked learning new things in school. I enjoyed reading.


  I often felt alienated.  Even the teachers  I  thought I liked ended up abusing me.

One English teacher, that I looked up to as a Mother Figure in the Institution where I was raised,

slapped my face when I was  in a suicidal depression because I could not  identify a part of speech.

She's is luck that  I allowed her to remain alive.  17 year old boys do not like being slapped  in the face by authority figures.


    Two other teachers  verbally abused me.  Basically, the entire world to me was some kind of a

madhouse, in which the teachers and administrators were  entirely insane.


  I did poorly in school. I recall that in our grading sysetem of A, B, C, D and F for Fail,  I had a grade average of D-  (a low D)  in the last semester of my Senior Year of high school.


  What I knew about life was that people do not really care. 


   I had one or two persons that I regarded  as friends, but as  I approached my 12th year of school,

I did not regard anyone as friend.  I just wanted school to be over.  



June 10, 2014

I didn't see anything speacial in school. For me it was just like a job to do. Mostly, it was easy and predictible. I didn't like a specific subject. I had high marks with all materials (except Arabic language SMH) which made me confused about what I want to do in future. I wanted from all my heart to be a doctor and to do so I needed to acheive 95% average marks but this dream is vanished because I had 80% with Arabic langauge wherease I had 100% in Mathmatics, 95 % in Physics, 93 % in Biology...... In result my average score was 93% in all materials and because of that I entered Engineering college. I wish they change this system. We don't need Arabic language or Mathmatics in Medical studies. It is unfare that I couldn't study the medicine because one material which it is far a way from this descipline. SIGH 



June 8, 2014

School was where I escaped from a cruel home. Being bullied by students was a welcome from the physical abuse I suffered because of my father.  I was trapped there because I had to protect my younger siblings. 

June 8, 2014
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