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In Ielts speaking part I was asked about who is the most influential person or character in your country ?? In fact I could not answer although repeating the question by the examiner. What I said every field in my country has his most influential character . Has anyone an answer to this. 

Jun 9, 2014 6:28 PM
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  Rania,  your hesitation in answering is entirely justified.

INFLUENTIAL in this regard, is a subjectivism. There is absolutely no way to obtain  an absolutely specific answer.


 What you have to do with this sort of question is just pick   a  prominent  person  and claim them to be the "most influential" whether it is true or not.


  The issue here is what the test requires,  which is not an objectively factual accuracy.

The testers only want to see you give some written answer.   To be safe (and I am serious about this!)

pick some prominent figure in your government that you do know some basic facts, and then write

a series of   gross exaggerations  about how much this person  has:


(and these are merely suggestions)


 (a) Advanced social well being

(b) Advanced Science

(c)  Advanced Art

(d) Advanced public  education.


  Make it sound sincere.  You can learn to be very good at "storytelling".  Stories  have always been very popular worldwide.   Tell a good "story"  and aim for a high score.


  (I know how you feel. I don't like it either,  but we did not create this system.

We do live in it.)



June 9, 2014

Let me first ask you how was your results in IELTS?

June 9, 2014

Another correction  should be...."let not one child be lost".

June 9, 2014


 Oh, I am sorry.  I meant to write   ACCEPTANCE SPEECH.  (oops!)

June 9, 2014

Here is an example which I am making up as an example.


 Gonzo Goober established the Society for the advancement of Arts and Sciences

in  Madrid in 2004.   Since then, he has instituted    a program to introduce elementary school children to Arts and Sciences  during the summer months.  Small packets of information   are distributed to children and computers are made accessible to the for websearches.


  Gonzo Goober recieved an award from the President of Transylvania  in  2010  at which many heads of state, scholars and journalists were invited.  Mr. Goober  offered the following in his expectance speech:


  "It is a great honor indeed to be recognized by  my peers.

It has always been my dream  to  provide opportunities to the youth of the world

in which they develop into productive citizens.  Let not one children be lost."


   Gonzo  Goober  recently purchased  a  well-known  Newspaper  in  Valencia.

In each days edition,   Mr. Goober  has  published a special section of six pages in which Science Facts  and  Art techniques are shown.  Biographies of famous persons in history are provided as a Reading Study.  


 I can think of no other person  who has had a greater influence upon my country and countrymen,

than  Gonzo Goober.







June 9, 2014
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