why you learn English ? do you think sh's important !

English langue ........ what's the important in English ? 

you should know this things befor learn it i guess :) 

Jun 10, 2014 12:25 AM
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In my experience, i really want to learn english, is because the better works need the person knows to speak english, and  regrettably now i cant apply, because i cant speak nglish very well, and that makes me sad, and im determined to leran english not because be my favorite lenguage, if not because in the empresarial world and works is indispensable.

June 11, 2014

Hello Zohir,


One of the many reasons that people choose to learn the English Language is of course because they plan to do business with native English speakers. English is the global business language and can help you grow your clientele if you own a business or  gain employment. Other reasons that people choose to learn English are of course: they want to make English friends, they want to visit an English speaking country on vacation, they want to live abroad in an English speaking country or they need to learn the language to pass a English proficiency test.


I hope you find this answer helpful. :)



June 10, 2014
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