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How to Greet in Bahasa Indonesia?

Maybe Bahasa Indonesia is not a too famous language in the world like any other language. Yet, as a country which has many populations and potential tourism place, I bet some of you have become or will become tourist in Indonesia. For getting along easier with native is easy, just greet them and smile from your heart. But, how to greet in Bahasa Indonesia?

To greet in Bahasa is easy, mostly words we say for greeting is "Selamat" which means "safe". By saying Selamat, you wish them safe undirectly :). These are some greetings which you can use while you are in Indonesia and want to greet natives or just say before your ordering food or check in hotels.


Selamat pagi    : Good Morning

Selamat Siang   : Good Afternoon

Selamat Sore    : Good Evening

Selamat Malam  : Good Night

Selamat Tidur    : Good Sleep

Selamat Jalan    : Have a nice trip

Terima kasih      : Thank You

Sama-sama       : You are welcome


Yet, if you want to be as informal as native mostly, just cut the word selamat and just say "pagi", or "siang", or "malam", which is enought understandable for us :)


Have a nice try 

Jun 10, 2014 3:03 AM
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Hello Alexander.

Saya juga senang bertemu denganmu.

Tentu saja bisa, saya juga sedang belajar bahasa rusia! 


June 12, 2014

Helo Eva!
Aku senang berteme kamu! :)
Could you help me to learn bahasa Indonesia?
Are you still interesing in Russian language learning? :)

June 12, 2014

don't forget this: excuse me = "permisi"


cause apparently, people will treat you better when you're being polite to them :)

December 12, 2014

Nambah ya,

"Terima kasih" => "Makasih"

"Sama-sama" => "Masama" //slap

August 8, 2014