the reasons behind the weakness of writing among English learners

I would like to discuss this topic and see ur opinions and if anyone has articles or resources that helps me ........

Jun 10, 2014 4:50 PM
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"Dorothy; who says what is "natural"? You?

Give me a break, go and explore the world or something."-----Eli

#1 Yes. Dorothy says what is Natural. So do I in agreement.

#2 You have no justification whatsoever to write to a forum member in the imperative,

telling them to go do something.

Dorothy is fine as she is, and her remarks here are reasonable.

Nobody is obligated to give you anything. If you want something, go get it yourself Eli.

June 14, 2014



   Also,  foreign students  are not taught that English is based upon Logic.

Therefore, the concept of "reasoning"  is beyond their understanding.

But this is also a problem appearing in American Public schools  because  Logic has been removed from Public Schools generally.  This serves to "Dumb Down" the American population also, because Americans also are beginning to demonstrate in Internet Forums that they do not think clearly or rationally, and are often reduced to exchanging invective with other persons.


 If you would like to research  further to better your English Writing and Thinking,

it would be well to do some research on the subject of "Pragma Dialectica".


June 10, 2014

Hello Fato


 The reason is the mental emptiness of most of the basic English lessons in foreign countries.


 Students are taught about English as it corresponds to physical things; but there is very little taught in the way of Philosophical Conceptions.  As a consequence,  student's do not know What---To--Say.


  Also,  you will notice if you observe the correspondence in Italki, that most students of English do not understand higher conceptions of knowledge other than  Personal Opinion.   People worldwide  base their thinking, almost continually upon  Personal Opinion.   In the United States for example,  where I learned my Native Language,  I learned to base my thinking upon  objective Facts.


  This creates a world of disparity that operates as a vast gulf.  Foreigners   seem to just

Make---Things---Up---As--They---Go, and they just don't "get it" that Americans and other Westerners do not operate that way.   Therefore, the uses of Language are entirely different.


   This  appears in your   topic,  which invites  "opinion".   English learners therefore,

have difficulty writing also because they have never been taught to learn the terminology which pertains to Facts and Logic.  

June 10, 2014

Hey Fatima, do you mean you know how to speak English, but you dont know how to write it? I am suffering from the same problem. I am enchanted now, finally I have met a soul mate in this! All those people that are telling us that speaking is the problem, speaking is a piece (..peace..pees) of cake, for me it is writing!


I guess there is one reason, English is not very phonetic. I mean there is no clear map from pronunciation to spelling. Most other languages I have learnt are much better. These include Spanish, German and Korean. French is a little akward (aquard, ackward.....?) too.


Another reason could be just personal talent. I am not even very good at spelling in my native language Dutch. I have a good brain for logic, but not for remember facts.


Last would be, how you would have learnt the language. I must say, I was quite a lazy student in high school. Hence I probably have learnt more English (and German) from watching television lieing (laiing, or lying....) on my couch, than by studying the textbook.


So these are three reasons I can think of. Do you recognize (recognise....?) yourself in any of the three?

June 10, 2014

It is the natural order in which a child learns its native language. If it is the best way for an adult or teenager to learn a second language, I dont know.


I do remember being 14 and copying the word lists from the blackboard. I already knew all those words but did not know how to write them. English you would probably already pick up as a child, long before you actually study the language in school. You hear it everywhere, radio, television, internet nowadays. So, I can imagine that many people verbally know English before they write it, just like their native language. This together with the strange spelling that English uses, probably because it is a mixture of Germanic AngloSaxon, Latin and French, I would think it is logical that people have more problems writing it than speaking it. At least people from countries where the use of the lingua franca is that common, that also children hear it beside their native language.

June 14, 2014
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