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 Hi everyone.!!   I think that any boy must serve in the army.what do you think it is important for the boys????? I think it is important. 

Jun 10, 2014 8:50 PM
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I think it's important for boys/men to grow up learning how to negotiate with people from other countries.  Teaching them the methods of killing people is, in my opinion, a poor start on the journey of sharing a planet with people that think differently than you do.  Perhaps if there was less emphasis on learning to kill people & less money was spent arming ourselves and more emphasis was placed on ensuring that everyone has a full stomach, a roof over their head & access to medicine we could see the similarities in the different races & learn to live together peacefully.

September 12, 2014

"I want to emphasize that many many well-educated people makes money during war campaigns" Alex Mkrtchyan


How is that? by killing people, taking their land, dislocate them,destroy their homes, economice siege!!! Is that make more money?! 


I agree with Dave.

September 12, 2014

I think young men and women should be made useful by them having to participate in community service, whether it be military service or another valuable service to their community.  :)

September 12, 2014

Ok Dave,  I think you misunderstand Mhers question. He did not mention death and murder. I think that serving in army is depend on the demand of that particular country. In Israel serving in army is mandatory for both boys and girls because there are permanent tension. Of course its better to live in the world with no wars,  but we have to make great mental  evolution on that way.  I want to emphasize that many many  well-educated people makes money during war campaigns, and only education can not change situation in world.  

September 12, 2014

In my country is mandatory all people after 18 years be reservist :)


And some countries don't have army :) So I think exist things more importants to do

September 12, 2014
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