what fascinates you most about the language you want to learn?

what fascinates you most about the language you want to learn?

Jun 11, 2014 5:00 AM
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I am fascinated by learning Thai because it sounds completely exotic to me. At times it resembles a European language with its multisyllable words. At times it resembles Chinese. It also might have the same letter R as Spanish. I could listen to people speak Thai all day. Unfortunately I would understand very little.

Disclaimer: After I continue to study Thai, I bet I will look back on this post and realize that I have made several misconceptions about that language.

June 17, 2014

Now I'm at the beginning of learning russian, and what fascinates me is the accent. It is so unusual(-and impossible for me to do-) , I really love it :D
Also I like the cases(it has 6). Ok I must be the first one to say this about the russian language, but they seem logical and simple to me, and I like altering the words to put them. It's probably because I know already 2 languages with cases (Greek/ancient greek and german) and although they are completely different compared to russian, putting cases is natural for me , and I like the fact that it has them :)

When I first learned english it really struck me as bad that there are no cases, it just seemed so wrong... I guess phychological issues are at fault here :P 

June 11, 2014