can you tell the difference of "cold" and "hot" in chinese?!

<em>Little grammer point of:</em>


<em>                               Hot&Cold</em>

<em> </em>

冷leng(cold), 热re(wam, hot)

ONLY People can connect with Leng or Re 

Eg. It's snowing, I'm cold!(下雪了,我冷!xia xue le, wo leng!)

Eg. It's 35 degree, I'm hot!( 今天35度,我热!jin tian 35 du, wo re!)


Everything but people can connect with Liang ro Re

Eg.It's 35 degree, I want to drink cold water!(今天35度,我想喝凉水!jin tian 35 du, wo xiang he liang shui!)

Eg. It's -5 degree, I want to drink hot tea!(今天零下5度,我想喝热茶!jin tian ling xia 5 du, wo xiang he re cha!)

冰bing(freezing cold),烫tang(freaking hot)

Bing: colder than "liang", like freezing cold!

Tang: hoter than "re", like freaking hot!

Eg. I have waited for over 30 mins, I want cold beer! (我已经等了30分钟了,我想要冰啤酒!wo yi jing deng le 30 fenzhong le, wo xiang yao bing pi jiu!)

Eg. This tea is too hot! I can't drink it!( 这杯茶太烫了!我喝不了!zhe bei cha tai tang le! wo he bu liao!)


Jun 11, 2014 7:34 AM
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Thanks a lot :) I only knew and used 冷 and 热 before. Well I also knew 冰 but I never used it. I didn't know the different usage of adjectives for people and things. I thought it was the same :)

June 11, 2014


June 11, 2014

Thanks Fabio to thank me haha, thanks for encouraging!

Thanks Anita998710, I know there are still a lot to learn of chinese grammer, thanks for sharing.

June 12, 2014



一般人的體溫會維持在37.5度 感覺是 "溫暖" 的

運動過後 則會 "發熱"

萬一中暑 某些症狀是皮膚 "發涼" 某些症狀則是皮膚 "發燙"

更不幸的話 中暑會讓人 全身 "冰冷"

(以上形容人 以下形容物)

所以請記得不要在烈日曝曬下 "高溫"中 下做激烈運動

激烈運動後 應迅速補充 "溫水" 切勿逕飲 "冰水"

更不可在 身體 "高溫" 時 即刻沖 "涼水"




別後寒溫 / 冬溫夏凊 / 號寒啼飢 / 噓寒問暖 / 涼了半截 / 心靜自然涼 /




June 11, 2014

烫 has themeaning of 热 and it is different from 热. 烫 is hotter than 热. 

When you feel hot, it is tolerate. When you touch things which makes your finger a little aching, you will say 烫

June 11, 2014
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