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Baked fish only

Can anyone recommend me a place in Tokyo where they have baked fish only. I am muslim and therefore as soon as the same oil is used for meat as well i cannot eat it.


I got to know that sometimes oil is even reused for tenpura after using it for baking meat things.

Jun 11, 2014 7:34 AM
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You're not looking for Halal restaurants, are you? If you are, there are a few and you can look them up on Google. Other than those places, how about fish markets like Tsukiji. You can find many restaurants in the market which only serve seafood. As for the reused oil, I don’t think it’s prevalent because it can cause allergy trouble. Anyways, you’d better stay away from cheep places.

June 11, 2014

hi Fatih,

Welcome to Japan! I have similar issues, as the oil often gets reused, or the broth used has a meat or fish base: my boyfriend is a vegetarian!! These are hard to ask about and my Japanese isn't that good  yet. My recommendation: cook a lot at home, or prepare to eat a lot of salads :-/ Good luck! Do you like sushi or sashimi? As they are raw, it is safe:)

June 11, 2014