Need some help

I have a problem with my grammar. My teacher give me a word list which have some word must use "to" and "without to". it's really really hard to learn by heart all of them.
I asked my teacher how to remember those word and he say: " try to do homeword as much as you can, you will remember those" word.
Anyone have anyidea for me ??? thanks @@

Jun 11, 2014 8:03 AM
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Wow, thank you very very much, i will try my best to improve my english skill :)

June 14, 2014


  Hello Quan:


   One of the common difficulties one sees on Italki, is the generalized counsel and advice

to students of English which informs them that they should:


(a) Just practice

(b) study hard

(c) work, work, work


    The problem with that is that it takes much longer to learn a language this way.

It is always better to work "smart" rather than to work hard.


   First, you should be familiar with something called the DOLCH LIST which contains the most common English words.


  Second, you should employ  web searches to find the lists such as "most common  verbs" and

"most common  nouns"    and so forth.


   Third, you should master   the reading and understanding of simple study materials such as Children's Books  before you try to read more advanced material.


   You can find some songs with the printed lyrics in my Notebook Entries:


<a href="/user/1126711#notebook">http://www.italki.com/user/1126711#notebook</a>;


    Simple repetition  in the reading of song lyrics and using sons for pronuciation  practice will probably do more for your speaking and writing ability than hours of tedious   labor in which you attempt to learn the definition and use of many words, most of which you do not have the chance to practice using.



June 11, 2014