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Even many Chinese are not able to speak Chinese in standard accent

because they can not pronounce some sounds correctly

比如说 很多人分不清楚 s 和 sh ,c和ch,z和zh

For example, many people can not distinguish sound s and sound sh, sound c and sound ch, sound z and sound zh.

还有一些人分不清楚 n 和l 以及 h和f

Some people feel it is very hard for them to find the different of sound n and sound l, sound h and sound f.

我认识的一些人不会发er 这个音

 some people i know can not pronounce sound er


What about you? which is the most difficult sound for you to pronounce in Chinese?

Jun 11, 2014 7:27 PM
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I dont think it's related to difficult or not, it's just not get used to it.

June 11, 2014


Thanks for comment!:)yes,sound r can be a problem for many peope.

For pronounce sound r. This is a voiced fricative. The articulators involved in producing this sound are the tip of the tongue and the front end of the hard palate. The sound is produced by rolling up the tip of tongue tip touch the hard palate lightly. Finally, let the air aqueeze out between the tongue tip and the hard palate while vibrating the vocal cords.


wish this will be helpful for you:)



June 13, 2014


hi,it is truth that Character memorisation is difficult,it also takes Chinese for several years to learn writing Chinese when we are in primary school.

Howeve, there has some regular pattern to help you with memorize it.

like we have Chinese character component, which normally connected with some specific meaning or sound. for example  characters with the component 木 always (cant say all)have some connection with tree or wood,like 树,床,林,果,板。and characters with the component 火always have some connection with fire,like 灭,烛,炉,炮,炎。and some other component helps you pronounce characters. like character with the component 仓 normally pronouce lun,like 论,轮,伦,纶,抡,沦。characters with the component 仓 always have a simple or compound vowel ang,like 汤,抢,苍,沧,枪,etc...

Wish this will be help for you!



June 12, 2014



the main diffierent of the two sound c and t is the articultors. articulators involved in the sound c are the tip of the tongue and the back of the upper teeth.the sound c is very similar to the last sound of students

and for the sound t,the articulators involved in producing this sound are the tongue tip and the upper gum,the sound t is very similar to the first sound of tide.

wish this will be helpful for you,if you still feel confused ,you may contact me for help.i am glad to help you with pronounce this two sounds for free,i just want to help:)



June 12, 2014
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