Chelsi W
Types of humor

l'm coufused why people would laugh at those people falling down streets,which sometimes i would do.hah.l mean Should be a help instead?

and l really like those movies like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz etc.not very funny,but incredibly interesting.

So what types of humor do you like?

Jun 12, 2014 8:39 AM
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Hello Anna W:


 I do not know    what  "Shaun of the Dead"  is.

I do not know what   "Hot Fuzz" is.


   I    like all kinds of humor.   However,  not all comedians  are  "funny" to me.

Some are exemplary of people who habitually need to appear "cute"  when they are hardly cute at all.


  It can also be true that there are comedians that I generally enjoy, who offer  a  performance that

is not funny at all.


   Also,  comedy  routines are rather a   "mechanized" affair.  Comedians generally perfect their routines  by  appearing in comedy  clubs in   cities  everywhere,  and each time,   doing the same routines over and over,   with the occasional change and addition  of material.


  I do enjoy,  on occasion,  "Mr. Bean"  who is Rowan Atkinson a British comedian.

  Also  some Comedians offer material that get's "old".  


   Some comedians   choose to employ   sexual humor, in which they suppose it  funny to speak in graphic terms  about   genitalia.  This falls into the classification  of "Potty Humor".  I would observe that perhaps a 9 year old child  might find it stimulating to hear a  Four-Letter word for a body part, but  I hardly find that it stimulates laughter  at all for me.  


  When you mentioned   people falling down,  I think that is referred to as  "Slapstick Comedy".

I do not think that is constantly funny either. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

June 12, 2014


It is very natural to see other people are embarrassed perhaps because that can balance the feeling. When someone is trapped, embarrassed or frustrated, that seems suggest the witness is not implicated . That is positive side of comedy in contribution to regular people. 

September 21, 2014

hi Bruce,

Thanks for your opinion.

the cute villain Gru in Despicable Me might be a representative of who you mentioned as appear"cute".l like Mr.Bean too,he is nice,and always have a moutain of luck.

June 12, 2014