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Do you fear Friday the 13th? :)

Hi there!

Today is Friday the 13th and according to some cultures it is an unlucky day!

Do you fear Friday the 13th? Or are there some other unlucky days, objects or events in your culture?

For example, here in Italy we believe that Friday the 17th is unfortunate and we are superstitious about many other things.

I'm curious to know something more about your culture  :)

Jun 13, 2014 2:02 PM
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Friday is always lucky day in Islam. so it is called Good friday. Otherwise all days are good.



June 13, 2014

When someone looks at you intensely or admires you, and then something bad happens to you (e.g. illness, accident etc) we say that someone ''evil-eyed '' you(yes, there is a verb for it). In order for the evil eye to leave, you nee to call someone who knows how to ''unevil-eye'' you(also a verb). Usually those are women or grandmas, but men can do it as well. It works extra well if a woman that has travelled to Jerusalem and has been baptised in Jordan does it, but those are harder to find :P .They perform some kind of ritual, making you drink water that they have ''purified'' by doing a cross on it and chant some hymn of the church. When it is finished you have been unevileyed. --(Yes, I know it looks like exorcism-although we dont believe in demons just the bad eye :P-. You cant imagine how popural this is in Greece... When I was ill, they did it to me. Also everytime my father is ill, he calls his sister so that she will do it on him. Also my classmates, when something happens to them go to a girl that knows how to ''unevileye'' to help them... :P)

Many other superstitions exist! and they are popular :P No matter how much we evolve, the mind of the people sometimes stays in Middle Ages... Though personally I do these stuff- it's more like a fear if I dont do them, even if I know nothing will happen.
I think it's not bad to keep those traditions, as long as we are not too obssessed about them :P. They are special, and part of our heritage.

June 13, 2014

Today is holiday in Russia so how do you think, is it lucky day or not? ;))))

June 13, 2014

Zografia, Greek superstitions are so interesting! Some of them are similar to Italian superstition: when someone talks about something bad which could happen we say "touch iron" and we touch the nearest thing made of iron! Besides, here it is unlucky when a black cat crosses the road while you are driving (and some people believe that the only way not to be affected by bad luck is stopping and waiting for another car to overtake theirs!). Seeing ravens and walking beneath a ladder are unlucky too.

We don't have any popular ritual, but many people have got chili peppers as good-luck charms!

June 13, 2014

In VietNam, we don't have any day which is called unlucky day!. But anyone have a bad thing on this day, they will blame on it 

June 13, 2014
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