do you think it is necessary to form your financial awareness?

the earning rate of financial products is lowing in China.what do you think?any suggestion?

Jun 15, 2014 2:17 PM
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Your question is not quite understandable as it is now. Is this what you are trying to express? ..... "Do you think it is necessary to be aware of  opportunities for financial investment?"  (If that is your question, my answer is 'yes'.)   ..... And then ..... "The rate of return on investments in China is dropping."

June 20, 2014

In my opinion, never invest any financial products in China ,right now.(except the CDS products)
This is because that investment is slightly behind the movement of global money.If you want to invest some Chinese financial procucts, CDS or VIX product can be considerable.However, Chinese financial market is under the strong control of government and then , CDS or VIX would not be affected by the movement of money.
About your point, earning rate of financial products is lowing in China; this reason is so simple, because China cut the bank interest rate of deposit and investment money to China has already started to escape from China.Interst rate in itself is also  sold in the market.In my opinion, this interest rate would not grow up again , at least next 10 years.

June 20, 2014