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I found the magazine named The Economist is interesting, but a little hard to understand > <

What newspapers do you read mostly in your English-speaking country?

Jun 18, 2014 12:18 PM
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I think the Economist is a great read!  Articles are well written and usually present a well-balanced view.  It also makes world affairs very accessible because it is presented without too many technical terms (anyway, if you have interest in global affairs, these terms should be simple!). 



June 18, 2014

Hi, 'The Economist' is a great magazine for articles on politics, science, technology, and culture. It is a good magazine to practice learning new vocabulary if you are at an Upper Intermediate level of English or studying for IELTS or English for academic purposes. 



June 18, 2014

To better understand your interest, what type of magazines do you like? I can send you some digital copies of mine if you are interested.


There are dozens, business, fashion, art, food, culture, travel, science, money, etc...

June 18, 2014

I often read articles from 'The Economist', 'New Scientist', and 'the age'. I also browse sites such as (Australian), (Australian), (British), (American).


For English learners I recommend:


Elementary/ Pre intermediate level -


Intermediate/ Upper Intermediate -



June 18, 2014

Thank you a lot. Art . culture and travel would be nice!

June 18, 2014
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