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Is there anbody here who do not watch the wolrdcup ?

I never watched any worldcup. I don't like football. I mean, I do not agree with all the money involved in it. It's just crazy. I really don't care about who's gonna win. I think I don't know any name of french players. I know Cantona, sorry. We don't talk enough about it, we don't ear enough about it in french medias, but I thing there are serious things going on in brazil. lots of brazilians say they want hospitals and schools, not stadium and not the world cup.

Jun 20, 2014 11:27 PM
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The World Cup is a drinking game right? :)


I'm glad to know that there are others on our little italki planet that aren't into sports. 

June 21, 2014

Well, I'm an alien too : I can't bear football ! And all this money invested in this sport while there are things to do in particular in Brazil,  well it is simply disgusting!

June 21, 2014

world cup is like many things in our life , beautiful and makes damages

June 23, 2014

It's a drinking game. :)


Nobody got that joke the first time so I thought I'd try it again. ha ha

June 22, 2014

I agree part of your opinion.

I don't go crazy about sports matches, but I do enjoy watching games sometimes. And I also like the fact that people can gather together for one interest, and watching sports can be a pure joy for those who are tired from too much work and depressed from boring life. So I think that sports itself has rather positive power.

But I agree on your idea on Worldcups. Sports have to be one of amusements, no more than that. But these days people often seem to forget what's more important. Building a fancy stadium or supporting sports stars with an absurd amount of money is NOT more important than educating young people or keeping public peace and order. So people need to more take care of the things that are actually crucial to their lives.

June 21, 2014
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