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What do you like about your own country and what you don't?

In my case, I appreciate people's friendliness. And openness towards fashion and styles. Unisex is totally acceptable and people are generally well-dressed and neat. Medical system is great! At least compared to the US or some other countries. The price is reasonable with relatively high quality. I also like the fact that Korea is getting multicultural. Some say it's bad, but I personally see it as a positive change. One more thing, people in Korea work hard, play hard. People can drink till 4 am and show up on time to work the next day. Pubs and bars open everyday  until 5am, we can drink 24/7, even just by sitting in front of any convenient store. Last but not least, delivery service! Are you hungry at 2am and nothing to eat at home? No problem! Fried chicken and beer will be delievered to your home just by a call.

On the other hand, I don't like the education system. It seems very inefficient. Also people tend to care about others' opinions too much. It could be positive in a way, but this makes Korean society too competitive. And I'm sad that some discrimination still exists;racism, sexism, homophobia.. I don't enjoy most of Kpop, sadly to Kpop lovers. I feel shameful that the prostitution market is so huge, even though it's "illegal" in Korea. I'm also not proud of all the conflicts from political or regional reasons. And it seems too complicated that no one knows the answer. Also, the relationship with North Korea. It's like we're having a troublesome sibling. We can't ignore even though we don't like.


These are my personal opinions on my own country. What are yours?

Jun 21, 2014 4:43 PM
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What I like:

Politeness/friendliness of people in the UK.

Open-mindedness and tolerance - very little homophobia or racism here.
Our sense of humour!
The adorable obsession with queueing. 


However, what I don't like:


The tendency to blame our country's problems on immigration and 'benefit cheats' and not tax avoiders or big corporations.

Mass surveillance of the population.
The fact that the British can complain all day but to incite them to (political) action is like moving Everest from one side of the planet to the other. 


June 22, 2014

I love the first amendment of the American constitution, also called the bill of rights. It guarantees me freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble in protest peaceably and the right to petition the government about any grievance I have. 


I also love our capitalism and the stock market. I know, that might not be popular, people are dumb and greedy and abuse it often, but I really like the idea of supply and demand. That too I feel is a freedom. 


I like the access I have to art, music, great books/thought and different kinds of food, housing and environments I have so many choices of how I want to live my life!


There are lots of people here making really bad choices all the time, but I like that they and I have the choice. 



June 22, 2014

The points I like Japan;

1. Safety

2. Culture(anime game) is well known all over the world

3. Beautiful nature

4. Delicous food

5. People are kind and modest


The points I dislike Japan;

1. Too much old people and less chance for young people

2. Too organized social system

3. Sad history with Asian countries(China, Korea) 



June 22, 2014

That's a great topic!


What I like about my home country (France) :

The culture, especially the famous writers such as Victor Hugo or Baudelaire,the beautiful monuments

The food (crepes!! quiches! good wine)


What I don't like :

Racism!! It's getting worse for strangers....

People are always in a bad mood in Paris and it's a nightmare to use public transports, especially if you are a woman and don't enjoy catcalling or street harassment...

French people tend to think that they are the best at everything and are very reluctant to change..


It's easier to write about what I don't like because these are the reasons why I moved to the UK!


In the UK (Scotland), I like :

the friendliness. People are very polite. You are not harassed at all on the streets! Health system is great. People are tolerant and accept you easily. I didn't feel any racism.


What I don't like : I have the feeling that English native speakers don't make any efforts to learn another language (which I can understand since English is widely spoken all around the world) but it's quite annoying sometimes... and they don't seem interested by other cultures! They accept you in their country easily but will never asked about yours or be interested by cultural differences.

Sense of humour is hard to grasp! and queuieng for everything is weird but funny :D



June 22, 2014

Some aspects I dislike my country

1. corruption (sorry, it is true, do not beat me.... my fellows)

2. overpopulation

3. air pollution

4. too many outmoded cliches

5. aging population and deprivation of good work opportunity here

6. unfair pension for most younger people


Some aspects I like my country


Too many to tell you here, so welcome to my country

June 24, 2014
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