How do you improve your English?

I learn English in different ways: go in for courses, sometimes i watch films with subtitles, i try to understand the songs, i try to remember new phrases and words, at last times i try to practice here and in skype with person who knows English.

And how do you practice?

Jun 22, 2014 9:24 AM
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For me, the best way to improve my English is by watching movies and series without subtitles!! At first I didn't understand much but now I understand 99% :D

And it's a good way to learn about the culture, the different accents, the jokes, etc... You can watch different kind of series in order to learn a lot of vocabulary : Breaking Bad, How I met your mother, The big bang theory, Rules of engagement, House of cards, True detective (some are more difficult to understand than others...!)

Without subtitles, you really need to focus on your listening skills and you learn faster than when you use subtitles in English or in your native language.


Listening and reading skills are quite easy to improve if you commit to watch something every day and to read some books or newspapers (for easy books, you can read fantasy like hungers games or harry potter; another trick is to read a book that you already know in your own language or that you've seen the movie so that you can understand the overall story and focus on learning the vocabulary)

Writing can be improved with friends or penpals or on forums like this one. You can also commit to write a diary each day

The hardest part is speaking! The fastest way to practise and get better is to talk with native speakers or spend one year in an English speaking country.

Good luck!


June 22, 2014

I used to learn english from the Internet,sepecial listening  BBC news in some websites.reading books written in english ,accumulate lots of words by that kind of way .


i listern、read ,but didn't use them in the life too often.i am poor in oral English.


I want to improve my english skill,so i come here ,chat with the new friend in english.

June 22, 2014

I have a lot of foreign exchange students at school and when they come to my university they read and write really well but they have trouble speaking. Most of them say it’s because they never really had anyone to practice with at their home country. So I would say for most of my friends that I've helped improve their English it's all about practice. Practice, practice, practice! Sing in English! Listen to American TV shows/movies (If you're trying to get an American Accent), Speak to everyone in English! I had a friend from Spain and he always spoke to me in Spanish (Since I am also fluent in Spanish). Then he would complain about not being able to speak good English and I told him he has start practicing with any English speaker that he knows. I think that is the key for getting good at pronunciation and general speaking in English. Don't be afraid to speak even if it’s just "Hi! My name is Cristian, how are you?" Little by little you build more confidence and speak more and your English improves! At least that's from my experience with the friends I helped with :))
Good luck on your English learning! I am more than willing to help if you ever need it!

July 27, 2014

Reading :)

I think the best way to learn and improve our English language is reading ,if you read more your English language improve more .

There are two websites that will help you :



* I do not know how your English language is ,but if your English is very good you can read long articles

Other thing is speaking ,you should speak with others about every thing ,if you speak more your English is become better .

Good luck our friend :)

June 22, 2014



I think that each opportunity to be in an English speaking country is good to take. Even if it's not for 1 full year as a student. For example, going on holidays in the USA or volunteering abroad can be helpful. Getting a summer job in the UK or working as au-pair (nanny for kids) in a family.

My favorite idea is WOOFING! Working in a farm in Australia or in New Zealand for example (but it can be anywhere in the world) for 4-5 hours a day and in exchange you get free meals and accommodation (usually in the family home so that you can exchange with natives speakers). It's great for learning the language, discovering a new country and having cheap holidays/summer job!




June 22, 2014
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