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Are there any Spanish movies site offers a text download as Pdf?

I am watching Extra series with the text. I read the text first then I watch the episod and repeating it at least 4 times. My listening comprehension enhanced after just 4 episodes. I want to find a text to movies so I can read it and then watch the movie. I want to repeat each movie at least 7 times before I find another one. My question is : Are you know any movie site which I could download the text in order to print it? If you know any English one that would be nice too.



Thanks for your help

Jun 23, 2014 2:24 PM
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You could try searching for the script of whatever movie you want to watch from at least these three sites:





If you download the movie on your computer, you can also download the subtitles and see what they say quite handily. Be wary though, the subtitles might be shortened slightly.


June 23, 2014

I found a good podcasts in Spanish but without text. With my level, I need text more. I want to finish extra series then I will start to search for movies with either script or subtitle. The trick is I want to learn Spanish in different way than English. I learned grammar first in English so my speaking takes more time. Now, I want to speak first and ofcourse, I need to understand before I speak .Therefore, I am trying to focus pn listening at the current moment.

June 24, 2014

Oh, I never expected you to have Netflix when you don't even have youtube! I was just telling you that I don't have access to Spanish Movies with Spanish subtitles either!


The problem with youtube isn't finding movies. It's finding Spanish movies with SPANISH SUBTITLES. That's the trick, the subtitles. 


You don't have youtube or you could listen to the book in Spanish too. That's what I'm doing. I wonder if you could find someone reading the book in Spanish that's not on youtube? Listening to someone reading a book while reading along in Spanish is fabulous listening training, not very different than wathcing a movie while reading the script. 

June 23, 2014

This is what I've got:


        "Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet."


I don't know it but I downloaded many movies from Youtube when it was alive SMH. From different accents though. Somehow, I feel that el peru accent is the easiest. I have English and Spanish version of  "El Alquimista" I postpone it because I wanted to strengh my listening first but maybe I will join you when I have time. Nice idea :)

June 23, 2014

Oh, I'm sorry, that's right, youtube is still off limits for you. :(


We have a company called Netflix here. Have you heard of it? Well, I have lots of movies I can get in Spanish, but I can't get the subtitles in Spanish and I can't find the scripts on line, so even though I don't like fantasy thrillers either, Pan's Labyrinth is all I have except cartoons. 


Sound like you are learning Spanish just like I am! I'm trying to listen and read too. 


You know, we're reading a book together here at Italki in Spanish and in English called El Alquimista. The language is simple and it's a very popular book around the world. You should join us and read it in Spanish with us! You know English and Spanish so you'd fit right in. It would be wonderful to have your perspective. I posted links to the books you can get online. Hopefully you can access this book, but if you can't with the situation in your country I could copy it and email it to you! 


June 23, 2014
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