Lesson 4 (なadj and its negative)

Last time we studied how to use い adj and its negative. By the way, do you still remember how to say 1 Bananas are delicious and 2 Apples are not delicious. ?


1 __は__です。
2 __は__です。




One of the いadjectives is おいしい which means delicious in English. When you say Bananas are delicious, you sayバナナはおいしいです。


If it's い adjective, you change い into くない. So it's going to be おいしくないです. You say バナナはおいしくないです。


Today, let's study how to use なadjectives and its negative.By the way, たべもの,やさい,さかな and にく mean food, vegetable, fish, and meat respectively.


One of the なadjectives is すきな which mean favorite. When you say my favorite food is banana, you say すきなたべものはバナナです。


Then, how do you say food which is not my favorite is banana?


If it's なadj, you change な into じゃない/ではない.So it's going to be すき”じゃない”. You say すきじゃないたべものはバナナです。


1 My favorite food is vegetable.
2 The food which is not my favorite is fish.
3 My favorite food is meat.



Jun 24, 2014 8:34 AM