how do use this web?
Jun 24, 2014 9:00 AM
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Find someone you're interested in , and add him . Then talk to him , exchange Skype number to video chat .
June 24, 2014

make friends and learn English

June 24, 2014

my name is oussama = Lion

June 24, 2014

  I agree with Frank.


 Follow the messages of people and when you see something which informs you

of that person's ability to be an asset to your learning,  click on their picture or name,

find the FOLLOW menu, and write them a  message.


  Be sure to ask them to consider you   for  practicing  English.

If you do not ask the person in specific,  to assist you  in practicing English

(or any language on Skype)  they might think that you are just sort of saying, "Hello".

June 24, 2014

To use this website:

Write notebook entries and people will correct them for you.

Ask questions and people will answer them for you.

Make discussions like you have just done.

Find language partners (some people you can message, some you have to send a request - 2 a day maximum unless you pay for lessons).

It is best to chat to people on Skype (or other programs), so if you want to do that, you can edit your profile so people know you have Skype (you're only allowed to reveal Skype names in messages).

If you don't want to use Skype, etc. to chat, you can use italki to message people but it's not as good.

If you help people by correcting their mistakes, answering questions, etc. they will be more likely to want to help you too.

You can follow people here too and see updates from them, if you want.


... Oh, and you can also pay for lessons.

June 24, 2014