skull lecture

      $//^ Skull osteology lecture:

Q.What is the function of fontanels?

1. Allow the head to fit through birth canal.

2. Allow the brain to grow.

Q. What is the function of air sinuses in the skull?

1. They serve in reduce the weight of the skull.

2. Prevent heat loss from nasal cavity.

3.increase the olfactory area.

4. Circulate the air around the skull.

Q. Find out what is the relation of the maxillary sinus and upper molar teeth?

The maxillary sinus involved in dental infection in dental surgical procedure. May the root of upper molar tooth found in the sinus so the Extraction of upper molar tooth may cause a hollow that allow connection between the nasal cavity and oral cavity ...... You know the complication.

Jun 24, 2014 6:40 PM
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Oh my goodness Joori! You want to discuss anatomy and physiology? 

Osteology is a very cool subject, but I'm not sure you are going to get that much debate. :D


Did you mean to post this in the notebook to be corrected and put it into discussions by accident?

June 24, 2014
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