이다 - Space Between Conjugated Form and a Noun

Do you always omit the space between the conjugated form of 이다 and the noun?



저는 미국 사람이에요.

오늘은 화요일이에요.

남자친구가 관대한 사람이야 돼요.


^ 맞아요?


And if we do always omit putting a space between 이다 and a noun, are there any other verbs that we do this with as well?

Jun 24, 2014 7:36 PM
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남자친구가 관대한 사람이야 돼요->남자친구가 관대한 사람이어야 되요.


이어야 된다 means should be or need to be

June 26, 2014

Thanks Francisco. Yeah, I knew about 하다 too, but glad to know it's just those two verbs. :)

CJ, 교정을 고맙습니다. ^^

June 30, 2014

Yes. 이다 is always attached to the noun.


It happens also with 하다 verbs if you do not attach the object marker 을/를 to the noun e.g. 공부를 하다/공부하다 ; 운동을 하다/운동하다

June 24, 2014