Good Morning! …Guys/ ladies and gentleman


My Name is Jennifer Espinoza. Welcome to this route “Tren de la Dulzura”

Inside this carriage, we have some rules:


- First: The doors can only be open by the crew

- Second: The windows can't open because the air condition can get out.

- Third: If you need help with the curtains, please, raise your hand. I will help you with that.

- Beside some seating you have the trash bin where you can put the garbage

- On my right, we have the urinary. It's only urinating

- Smoking and drinking alcohol inside the carriage is not permitted

- Finally, inside the carriage, it’s not permitted food prepared; only you can eat some snacks and drinks like soda, juices, water, tea and coffee.


We have only two stops and no more. FIRST, around 45 minutes we are arriving to the Yaguachi station. There you have only 20 minutes to use the bathroom and buy something in the coffee bar. After these 20 minutes, we are continuing our travel until the Bucay station; it's around 11h45.


Each boarding pass have a ticket named “Refrigerio”, now I will pass for each seating to get that. Refrigerio has pineapple, melon and watermelon. I am going to give you the fruit when we are passing by naranjito city, here in the train.


REMEMBER: Being on time is very very important.

Jun 25, 2014 4:30 AM