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Are you against disrespect and discrimination? #worldcup

I hate finding people on social networks arguing because of football. They make really offensive comments about countries, cultures and people who live in those countries. I was angry with the Dutch model who twitted such a offensive image of James and Falcao. And those Australian locutors making fun of my country wounds. I've found people arguing through youtube, instagram, twitter and facebook as well. I used to think Colombian people was the only needed to be more polite and respectful, after this I'm sure this is not related to nationality or culture. Respect is a personal choice. We all human-beings need to be respectful and compassionate towards others. Do you agree?

Jun 26, 2014 12:49 AM
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Unfortunately, this is the sad story that comes out from our world. Yet, there are those who are offensive and shallow, and there are those who are respectful and cheerful.


In this life, you will find people who envy, hate, and despise Colombia - and you will find people who are sympathetic, loving and respect Colombia.


Just to make you a little bit happy, if any, I am from Egypt and I support your country so much, and hope they would go all the way till the end.

July 2, 2014




   There is a saying  I  have heard.   "If you dance with a pig, you are going to get muddy."


   I am sympathetic  to your   feelings on the issue; but what you are writing about has to do with human nature and the reality of  public communication at its worst.


    I would never use a "social network" as you describe. What's the point?   You could not persuade me to engage in dialogue that is so  shallow  as a discussion of   a  violent sport, rife with venality of competitors  and the venality of fans.

June 26, 2014

Ana! I've watched all of the WC games. Colombia was brillant, and a lot of people (including russian commentators and the Italian coach of Russian team) predicted its (and Belgium's) high achievements at the WC.

When WC got started they (commentators) said: 'now it plays as it should play for these 20 years'. They really missed Radamel Falcao! At WC-2014 i personally liked Quadrado.

There was a problem  (if i's a problem. I don't think so)): there were too many brilliant Latin American teams this year) Costa Rica was the greatest surprise, Mexicans deserved something above 1/8, Equador was wery good.
And another problem, this time a real one: Brazil-Colombia, this game was really traumatic.  A lot of people hate this match. Moreover, the whole Cup sucked in this respect. It was dangerous kind of footboll.

So... WHERE you did find those Netherlands model, Australian locutors etc.???

I really apppreciated how Australians played. I Love their fans. That was the only team that played it as a <em>game </em>and thats why they played much better than their technics allowed. THey played not to me 'effective' and 'to pass to 1/8 at any cost' etc. And yes, I know, they weaker than Netherlands or Columbia but they were close to beat the Dutch with its Roben:)

But i didn't listened to any of Australian locutors:/ Especially to those ill-mannered.
I'm not an Australian...

August 3, 2014

Yes. I'm also against using hashtags on websites that don't support hashtagging. 

August 3, 2014



  You are right I think. That's a fairly good description of the problem.


  So....what are you doing... using the picture of... my world?   Ha ha!

August 3, 2014
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