tell us about your favorite movie briefly?

hello all,


what is your favorite movie you whated ever, tell us brifly about it :)

Jun 28, 2014 4:12 PM
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Oh, so many.


A Fish Called Wanda

Faulty Towers (not a movie)

M.A.S.H. (not the movie)

Iron Man

Die Hard Series

Stargate Continuum

Stargate SG1

Enter the Dragon

Anything with Bruce Lee

Under Siege


...in no particular order.

June 28, 2014


Paradise Kiss(パラダイスキス)

Pirates of the Carribean

Speedy Scandal(과속 스캔들)

Fantastic 4

Iron man

October Sky

The Great Gatsby



June 29, 2014

thanks for your comment 


for me before 1 month I saw the imppsible it was amazing Ican belive it was a movie , can not close my eyes until it finish 


secand one I like it verey old lol harold and maude its about crazy boy with crazy woman, my favorit seen in this movie when he cut his hand lol and when he songed with the woman

: if you wanna be high be high, if you wanna be low be low .....

I think you hear about it :)

June 28, 2014