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Rituals & Celebrations!

Ramadan is a special month of the year for all Musilims around the world. It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God, and self-control. Many Muslims think of it as a kind of tune-up for their spiritual lives. Fasting is important during Ramadan as it is a means of learning self-control. As a secondary goal, fasting is a way of experiencing hunger and developing sympathy for the less fortunate, and learning to thankfulness and appreciation for all you have. Furthermore fasting provides a break in the cycle of rigid habits or overindulgence. Ramadan is also a time of intensive worship, reading of the Koran, giving charity, purifying one's behavior, and doing good deeds. People also keep working while the blessed month, since working is a worship in itself.

Ramadan has its special traditions in each muslim country. In Egypt, people start decorating streets and lightening lanterns to celebrate the blessed Month. Lanterns and lamps of various kinds, hues and degrees of brightness, have always been special to the Egyptians. Many stories of their origins have been told. One story has it that the Fatimid Caliph Al Hakim Bi-Amr Illah wanted to light the streets of Cairo during Ramadan nights, so he ordered all the sheikhs of mosques to hang Fawanees that could be illuminated by candles. As a result, the Fanoos became a custom that has never been abandoned.

Share us how people in your country celebrate the beginning of the blessed Month..


Jun 29, 2014 11:50 AM
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Same celebrations here in my country or in my city :)

Ramadan Kareem

June 29, 2014