Sad diary 悲伤的日记-02

When talking with him on that day, I have been crying,I didn't want him to see that I was crying.So he keep words haven't say that finish, I turn round and then walk in front of the office a lot of people,He was very angry,I'm disappointed in myself, too.I don't know why I turned to leave,I've always wanted to say sorry to him


The thing has gone nearly a year,But I always keep that in mind.Today I came back to the company saw my old colleague,It happened that I met him .When I faced him, I don't know what to say,I never dreamed that I should see him again like this。

When I left the company,I said to him, "if you have time, I invite you to dinner"He said:“ ok"In the afternoon I want to send information with WeChat to him,I found that he has removed me from his friends,I called him and ask him out to dinner, he told me he had no time。


However, just once, you inadvertently let go or a turning moment, some things completely changed.


I thought perhaps I will dream of him,Maybe I will cry when I think of him,Perhaps we will never meet again in the future



In your life, there will at last one time that you forget yourself for some, asking for no result , no company, no ownership nor love. Just ask for meting you in my most beautiful years.


널 스쳐만 지나도 내 가슴이 뛰는데 넌 아무것도 모르지
即使只和你擦肩而过 我也心跳不已 而你什么也不知道吧
이 세상에서 가장 슬픈 것은 버림을 받는 것 아니라 사랑하는 사람에게 잊혀지는 것이란다.

Jun 29, 2014 1:17 PM
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I found one more small error after I already posted the corrections. In your last paragraph, the pronoun (他/him) should be used in stead of (你/you) because you are not speaking to the man in your diary anymore. You are speaking to the reader (讀者). You are giving advice to the people who read this dairy.


There will be at least one time, you forget yourself for someone else, asking for no results, asking for no companionship, asking for no ownership, not even asking him to love you, only needing to remember him in the most beautiful years.

June 29, 2014

Almost a year has passed since this matter, but I always keep this (event) in mind. Today I went to see an old colleague back at the company, but by chance, I happened to see him. When I faced him, I did not even know what to say. I never thought I would go so to see him again.
当我离开公司的时候,我对他说“如果你有时间的时候,我请你吃饭”他说好的。(今天)下午我想用微信发信息给他,我发现他已经把我从他的好友里面删除了。(然后,) 我打电话给他,约他出来吃饭,他告诉我他没有时间 .
When I left the company, I said to him, "When you have time, I will invite you to dinner," he said “Good.” Today, in the afternoon, I wanted to use WeChat to send him a message, I discovered that he already had deleted me from his friends list. (Afterwards), I telephoned him to ask him out to dinner. He told me he did not have time.
It turns out that once you inadvertently let go or perhaps turn around for a moment, some things have changed completely.
I think I might still dream of him because perhaps he reminds me of when I would cry or perhaps (I just know) we will never see each other again.
There will be at least one time, you forget yourself for someone else, asking for no results, asking for no companionship, asking for no ownership, not even asking you to love me, only needing to remember you in the most beautiful years.

June 29, 2014

I will try to correct your English and make a few suggestion because you seem to be missing some characters in your Chinese.


那天与他谈话的时候,我一直在哭,我不想他看见我哭的样子,(但是不能掩藏我的泪水),所以他挽留的话还没说完的时候,我当着办公室很多人的面转身就走了,他很生气,我对自己也觉得很失望,我不知道我(为) 什么会转身离开,我一直想对他说声对不起。
That day, when I spoke to him, I had been crying. I do not want him to see me cry, but I could not hide my tears. When he urged me to finish talking, I turned in front of the people in the office and walked away. He was very angry and I felt very disappointed in myself. I do not know why I turned to leave (since) I always wanted to say sorry to him.

June 29, 2014