Ordering a steak in Latin America

I'm curious how to order a steak in Spanish. Specifically, how to tell the waiter how you want the steak cooked. The terms I am seeking to translate are:


well done

medium well


medium rare


I did a Google search, and I came across terms like bien hecho, medio raro, etc. I'm wondering if different countries in Latin America use different terms?




Tengo curiosidad cómo pedir un bistec en español. Específicamente, busco las palabras para decirle al camarero cómo quiero que preparan la carne. He encontrado las palabras bien hecho, medio raro; cada pais tiene sus propias palabras, o esas son estándar?

Jul 3, 2014 2:15 AM
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Hi Albert !

I'm from Argentina and in my country the way which you eat meat is a serious matter. I don't know how to translate these terms exactly, because we have a different scale to measure the point of cooking of the beef, but I will try it.

- well done = "bien cocida" = means doesn't have pink parts in the middle, it's full cooked

- medium well = "a punto" = the middle part of the steak is pink, it's also called "término medio"

- medium

- medium rare = "jugoso" = means the middle part of the steak is barely cooked, very juicy but not raw.

I hope that my explanation has been clear.

Best wishes


July 5, 2014

Quiero la carne bien cocida por favor.


Medium well = Termino medio o 3/4 (tres cuarto)


Espero que te ayude!!!





July 3, 2014


July 3, 2014
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