Shawn Zhang
I'm not able to record my voice. Anyone encounters the problem?

When I click save, it shows error. Please try again.

Jul 3, 2014 8:53 AM
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Try a different browser, if you are using Mozilla fierefox use internet explorer or vise versa etc or google chrose or some other one. It can be that, or go to their help page, I was able to use it and now I cannot since I did a recent java update. So I am trying out some other options:)

October 21, 2014

If you're referring to the site, I can't record either.  I have an external webcam with a built-in microphone & while Skype sees it & it works fine, vocaroo shows that I have no microphone.  To get around it (if you have a Windows machine) go to the Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Sound Recorder.  It's really easy to use, hit Record, start talking, hit Stop recording and save the file somewhere.  From the vocaroo site, in the area where you try to record, there is an Upload link. Click that and upload the file you just recorded and then you can give the resulting vocaroo link to others to hear your sound file.

October 21, 2014

Hi Shawn, I have the same problem... Did you found the reason ?

Thanks !

October 21, 2014
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