Which character do you think to be the most important when you choose your spouse?

In either Taiwanese or Chinese society, there was no opportunity for a person to choose his/ her spouse on his/ her own until about 100 years ago.

During those years when marriage was arranged by a matchmaker, a male usually had concubines besides his wife.

It was said that there were different standards between choosing a wife and choosing a concubine.

And the only choice for a female to avoid such fate of sharing her man with others was to be a nun.

Nowadays, a female as well as a male has the opportunity to pick her spouse on her own.

I would like to know your opinions about that, no matter a male or female, a foreigner or Taiwanese. 

Jul 3, 2014 1:32 PM
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One, and the same.

July 3, 2014



 I have strong feelings on that matter, and my thoughts are very specific.


 I admire Loyalty  above and beyond all virtues.  Even if my spouse and I do not feel warm or loving at a particular moment,  still, I feel obligated to show my loyalty.  I admire most in my spouse,   her loyalty to me.

July 3, 2014

Garry Andres, may I ask such a question?

When I asked to leave my boyfriend because I felt that I would love him no more.

There was nothing to do with anyone esle.

I am sure I was honest.

But do you think I was loyalty?


July 3, 2014

Bruce, once I had the same opinion as yours that loyalty is above and beyond anything else.

However, I think I am not a person of true loyalty since I have changed my mind for several times.

Though I have never fell in love with two persons at the same time.

I know that loyalty is not my first choice after all.

But I still admire the loyalty between you and your wife.


July 3, 2014
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