What do you usually do when you feel upset?
Jul 4, 2014 8:36 AM
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Unfortunately, a bad habit of mine is that whenever I'm upset or depressed, I eat more than usual, meals, snacks, etc. It apparantly has a bit soothing effect, by distracting my mind from the problems. 

July 4, 2014



 One of the first things I do is find a trusted friend and tell them  that I  feel upset and

then I tell them why I am upset. That helps  a lot.

July 4, 2014

Id depends of the grade of rage. Feel upset is a feeling that come and go and what I do depends of the situation that it has determinate the rage

July 4, 2014

Hi Marcelle, 

I must say we share the same thing when I feel upset. I like listening to music and reading as well,they make me feel calm and relax! :)

July 5, 2014

Drive nowhere while listening to some music. Or just listen to music. 

Reading is also a good way to distract myself. 

July 5, 2014
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