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Learning Dutch & Portuguese at the same time??

Hey guys!!


So I am a native English speaker (born and raised in the U.S.) and an advanced Spanish speaker. I've started to learn Portuguese and find that since it's similar to Spanish, I understand it pretty well if spoken slowly. So it hasn't been too hard to learn.


The thing is, I have a couple Dutch relatives and my cousins are visiting from the Netherlands for a few weeks this summer. This got me thinking that maybe I should try to pick up Dutch. I'd be able to practice with them and I think it would be pretty cool. All of my family is fluent in English as well so I'd really be learning just for fun. (we are Jamaican but my uncle moved to the Netherlands and married a Dutch woman while the rest of my family came here to the United States)


Would this be hard to do while learning portuguese? Are the languages distinct enough where I won't get confused? Thoughts? Thanks!

Jul 4, 2014 5:35 PM
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I'm currently learning five languages at the same time, three of them from the same family (French, Spanish and Italian)], plus Russian and German. I do it naturally without worrying too much and it's a relaxing process. I guess you can do it, especially because they're so different, learning Portuguese has nothing to do with learning Dutch and you can, for instance, give each of these languages few minutes of pratice everyday or even make one of them a priority for now. Just don't lose any of them. 

July 4, 2014
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