I wish I could teach students to speak slowly, like this singer sings.

This is actress Michelle Pfeiffer (fifer)  singing   "More Than You Know".


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   I would be pleased if all students  practiced speaking in slow, measured tones.



Jul 4, 2014 10:08 PM
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Here  are the lyrics to   "More Than You Know"

(as performed by actress Michelle Pfeiffer  in the movie, "The Fabulous Baker Boys")




"More than you know

More than you know

Man of my heart, I love you so.

Lately I find, you're on my mind.

More than you know.



Whether you're right

Whether you're wrong

Man of my heart, I'll string along.

You need me so.

More than you'll ever ...know"




(Lyrics cited generally, from:


   Even at the beginning of the song, the actress 

asks that the Pianist play the music "real slow, okay?"


  It is a great piece for study. It improves pronunciation and    creates confidence in speaking.



July 5, 2014
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