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There you go /There you are

What is the meaning of these expresions? ''well done'' or something like that? I need some examples, please.

Jul 5, 2014 4:51 AM
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Mother: Please go to the store for me.


Lazy son: I don't want to. I am watching TV.


Mother: Do you want dinner tonight?


Lazy son: Of course!


Mother: Well, if you do not buy some food for me, we will not have dinner.


Lazy son: OK! OK! I'll go.  And who knows! Maybe I will meet a beautiful girl at the store, too!


Mother: THERE YOU GO! = That's a good way to think about the situation.



July 6, 2014


  These are casual expressions  which  show a positive and caring attitude.

They are parting comments, offered   in the say way that someone would say;  "Thank you".

or   "You're   Welcome!"


   Another expression similar to "There you go."   or   "There  you are."  which is use is this one.


  "There's a good fellow!"  or   "There's a good girl."


 There are also expressions  which convey the meaning  of "Goodbye".  They are final comments which terminate  any exchange of information or the performance of any service.   The giver  can use them  when  someone thanks him or her.  The reciever of the information or  service says "Thank you." or

"Thank you so much."   The giver of the information  or service says;   "There you go." or "There you are."   "There's a good fellow!" or "There's a good girl."


   It is also similar to the  expressions;  "It is nothing". or   "It was nothing"   or   "Of course."


July 5, 2014