What do you think about the meaning of the words that have defective meaning in other languages?

Have you been embarrassed bu saying a word which it has defective meaning in the language of the country which you been in it, for example Turks don't use "Sick" in sentences too much ,usually they are using "ill" because the pronunciation of this word means "male sexual organ" in Turkish also I saw Russian students laugh each time teacher says 'Huy"( means Temper) in Turkish Language class because of the same reason (the pronunciation of this word means male sexual organ in Russian language) , What you think about this ? Is it suppose to know these before start to teach a language? If any one know same examples :) words with bad meaning in other language please let use know to of informing other teachers ?
Note :The teachers were ignorant of the bad meanings of these words

Jul 5, 2014 3:51 PM
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Sometime a Word changes all over the dialogue ,I would like to share this article here and it's really funny example of what i mean :)


President Clinton and Prime Minister Mori Introduction
This is a true story from the Japanese Embassy in US.

A few years ago, Japan’s prime minister Mori was given some Basic English Conversation training before he visited Washington and met president Bill Clinton.

The instructor told Mori, “ Prime Minister, when you shake hands with President Clinton, please say, ‘How are you?’

Then Mr. Clinton will say, ‘I’m fine, and you?’

Now you should say, ‘Me too.’

Afterwards we, translators, will do all the work for you.”

It look quite simple, but the thruth was.........

When Morimet Clinton, he mistakenly said, “Who are you?”

Mr. Clinton was a bit shocked but still managed to react with humor: “Well, I am Hilary’s husband, hahahahaha.....”

Then Mori replied confidently, “Me too, hahahaha.... hahaha....”

Then there was a long silence in the meeting room.

July 6, 2014

The Latvian words for "12 months" have a completely different meaning in English. YouTube it.

July 6, 2014

Yes it's Dorothy :)) i think sometime we need to use funny things to get learn something 

July 6, 2014

Emir, that is such a funny story about Mori meeting Clinton!

Thanks for the laughs.  

July 6, 2014

Thanks Eli ,the word ' KAK' in Kurdish language means "Sir" for example Kak John ( Mr. John)

July 6, 2014
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