Tomorrow is Monday :(

Why do we have to work?

Perche' dobbiamo lavorare?

우리는 왜 일을 해야할까요?


Is it a stupid question?

Jul 6, 2014 10:47 AM
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Please allow me to change your question in:

Why do we have to work so much even if computers and automatic machinery could do a lot of job for us ?


The answer is not completely known to human kind, but we have some hints:

1) greedy people have always abounded.

2) it is true that the fabricaton of (almost) any goods requires less and less human effort, but

(almost) each of us thinks that he needs a huge amount of goods!

Obviously this is a wrong belief, but several (perverted) mechanism of society will make us

believe that we need all that stuff, which in the end will consume our time twice:

the first time for getting it, and the second time for using it!

3) our level of satisfaction (as human beings with all their imperfaections) is on a comparative and not absolute scale, and this is more and more enhanced by the style of living.


Is there a way for the single human being around that ?

Maybe choosing a profession that, even if requiers time and effort, is satisfying, so that might, at least sometimes, be enjoyed while doing it; in order for this to come true, it requires a deep knowledge of oneself (limits and expectations), and quite a bit of luck.

Some examples might be: teaching, reasearching, artist work, ..., the list is very very long.

July 6, 2014

<< Labor keeps off from us three great evils-illeness : boredom, vice, and need >> Voltaire

July 6, 2014

It is not stupid.I have asked it many times.Why weekend is not just a little bit longer?

But unfortunately with asking that we can not change things.So we should think positive and find something good in that. :)




July 6, 2014
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