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From the many people I have spoken to that I know and aren't native english speakers, I've noticed that British comedy isn't as popular with them as say American sitcoms. I refer almost exclusively to shows which require spoken punchlines (such as Blackadder, Fry and Laurie and some Monty Python sketches) rather than physical comedies (sorry Mr Bean!). Is this true to a certain extent?

Jul 6, 2014 6:43 PM
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I guess, as Alex said, that there is a cultural reason that play a role.  And probably also... a personal point of view on humour !  I'm a french native speaker from Belgium, and I tend to stay perfectly cold with the french humour, when I'm laughing a lot with shows like black adder, absolutely fabulous, little britain...  I guess it's a certain type of humour, and we simple have it or not ;)  So the same would apply to american tv series, sometimes for me it's too "obvious", Adam Sandler-like, and sometimes it's funny and good, like Married with children, the nanny (ok it's a bit childish, but I like it !), arrested development (well, at least before season 4, after it didn't work for me).


So I would say it's a cultural and personal matter, some english hate english comedy, some american hate american comedy, after all ;)

July 7, 2014

I love British comedy, and I think they are a league above American sitcoms. Classics like Fawlty Towers, Are you being served, Dad's Army, Only fools and horses, Allo, 'allo.. Typical British humor. Also since the UK is closer to us than the USA, the humor might be nearer to our sense of humor in the Netherlands. But I could not tell you that with certainty.


Anyway, I am the exception then. I think American sitcoms dp not even deserve to in the shade of British comedy.

July 7, 2014

I understand completely how regional accents and dialects can throw off an non native speaker. In Britain these accents are very diverse and different compared to America. I can understand stand someone from the American South but I still struggle sometimes understanding Liverpudlians

July 7, 2014

Yes I would agree with this to some extent, however there are many who do have an appreciation for certain British comedies (e.g. The Catherine Tate Show, Little Britain and some other ones). 

But overall I think American comedies are more popular since you only need half a brain to understand them. 

July 6, 2014

Browsing the internet everyday, sometimes I happen upon videos from shows like monty python and blackadder. I especially like "horrible histories". Those are really funny :)

July 6, 2014
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