Does the technology makes our lives much easier?

Actually we are living in a world with constant changes in many areas but the most affected one seems to be technology. Since we are using technologies in our daily days we are able to find out new tools that at least, can help us to solve our problems. Today we cannot imagine ourselves without technical advances such as cell phones, computers, cars, microwaves, and televisions. It is a common mistake to think that technology is just the newest cell phone or the newest computer. Tecnology does not mean only gadgets and appliances it also includes machines, techniques, crafts and systems. But would technology make our lives much easier or worse? Why and why not?

Many years ago, people didn’t have cell phones and obviously neither internet, so communication would have been delayed many days until it was received but now this situation has changed because every single person has a cell phone. Nowadays people consider this new tool to make things much easier, simplifying their to-do list. An example of it can be seen at the moment of searching for information faster about anything we want to know. Comparing how it was before and how it is now, we realize that we don’t have to go to the library for homework answers anymore due to the appearance of internet and its easy way to find what we are looking for. Tech gadgets and appliances are the most effective tools that help humans to reduce their work, solve problems or entertain them. But technology does not just affect our life, it also affects the whole world including economies, agronomics and politics.

Jul 7, 2014 12:08 AM
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