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Teaching English in japan

Hello everyone,


I'm interested in one day teaching English in Japan.  I wanted to know what to expect in terms of the application process, first getting there, and how it feels overall to live in Japan after the first month or so.  Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you

Jul 7, 2014 3:57 PM
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Sure, why not?

July 10, 2014

I heard that Japanese are overall very respectful and friendly people.  I am looking forward to one day speaking with natives in Japan.  It's okay, most people assume Canadians are Americans as we are fairly similar.  Can I follow you so that we may practice ouor language skills and ask any questions we may have about each other's cultures?

July 10, 2014

It will be awesome that if you speak Japanese fluently. My English native teacher said to me that Japanese people are kind because they praised her by saying "you are good at speaking Japanese " when she said only a sentence "Good afternoon" in Japanese. So if you could speak Japanese, they would want to teach it to you even if they can't speak English very well. By the way I noticed you live in Canada after submitted my  former message .And then I regretted it. I'm a careless person and not good at speaking English but like it. I think you can make a lot of friends easily in Japan but you need luck to find real friends who are different nationalities. Thanks for asking me. 

July 10, 2014

Thank you for the answer!  I really appreciate it.  I do plan to learn Japanese, at least enough to be able to have flowing conversations, and if I ever feel it necessary, I will then learn to speak it professionally.  And don't worry about the cold, I live in the second coldest country in the world! Canada is freezing lol.


I have another question for you seeing as you live in Japan and can speak English very well.  I am quite a sociable man, being able to speak Japanese, would I be able to make friends in Japan rather easily or would it be difficult?


Thank you!

July 9, 2014

May I say something? The point of your question is a little bit difficult for me to understand. So if my suggestions missed your mark, please don't care about them. Many Japanese are gentle, shy and they can't understand English very well, but a little. Please ask something to someone in English with speaking very slowly during visiting here. Please get Japanese speaking and listening skills a little in advance before you come here. It makes you relax to stay. Please consider the season when you leave for Japan because winter in japan is so cold. If you could find a place to stay and a company to work , your opinion would be successful. I think you should join some companies , not individual. It makes you easy to continue staying Japan. There are many people who want to get English skills and the amount of the people will be on the increase. I want to take your lessons too.


Good luck, Jonathan!

July 9, 2014