2:play the woman

3:throw a tantrum

4:act coquettishly


Jul 8, 2014 1:46 PM
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我查到一個是 to show pettishness as a spoilt child

July 8, 2014

Context is very important.  "Don't behave like a spoilt brat", for example, may not always be appropriate if one is speaking to one's mother-in-law or one's patient who is terminally ill with cancer (if one is a doctor).  

July 9, 2014

another typo, sorry: ...a proper class run by a qualified native speaker...

July 9, 2014

typo: Members here will be able to help construct ...

July 9, 2014

1.  Translating is one of the worse possible ways to learn English.


2.  Members here will be to help construct the appropriate dialogue if you describe a complete scenario as context - who wants to say this to whom under what circumstances.  A language is learnt, and should be learnt, in context.  


3.  One should understand that often different nationalities will react to the same set of circumstances differently, with different thoughts, emotions and sentiments, borne of different heritage and cultural values, and therefore what they say in their own languages will be entirely different and not capable of being inter-translated.


4. In context, the Chinese "别撒娇了" could be any number of expressions in English.  It could be, for example, something like "Come, come."  Using a Chinese-English dictionary is one of the worst possible ways of learning English.


5.  The best way to learn is to join a proper class run by qualified native speaker, follow a textbook, immerse oneself in an English-speaking environment, and avoid the use of Chinese-English or English-Chinese dictionaries except for specialist terms such as those in medicine, biochemistry and botany.

July 9, 2014
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