I want to improve my written english and gain vocabulary
Jul 8, 2014 8:14 PM
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I agree with Ahmed.  I will add too, read something you like or are very interested in.  It is important to keep your interest and to enjoy what you are doing.  Read a variety of different things, novels, magazines, newspapers, whatever you enjoy, because each of these will employ a different writing style and pool of vocabulary.  Literature will help you improve on style, description, vocabulary choice.  Journals and newspapers will help you improve on clarity, brevity, and practical vocabulary.  While you read pay attention to the construction of phrases, grammar, etc.  You can learn a lot just by reading if you pay attention to more than just meaning. 

Reading does help you improve your writing, but practice writing too.  Write a notebok here and listen to comments and corrections made by users here. 

Good luck

July 8, 2014

read books or articles in english

July 8, 2014