How To Sound More Like A Native English Speaker?

How To Sound More Like A Native English Speaker? Here are some of my tips. One of the best ways to sound more like a native English speaker is to listen to them in conversation. Try paying close attention to the native accent when the English language is spoken, and be sure to practice it. Practice the way the native speaker form's her mouth when speaking a word, also the fluctuation in the speaker’s vocal tones. The best way to sound more like a native is to speak with a native English speaker often and you will soon began to catch on to these pointers. Do you have any other tips that you found useful and sounding more native? Please share!

Jul 9, 2014 2:12 AM
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Well , I'd say there are many accents and dialects around. Those who speak with a native accent started very young and took along time to acquire their accent and dialect. 

I would suggest finding an accent you like and stay with that.  I still speak  English with a German accent after living here many , many years. To be understood and to be able to express yourself in more than one language is a gift.

July 9, 2014

I agree with Dennis, it's important to be consistent and having an accent is not a problem if you feel comfortable speaking and you are understood by others. If someone has some sort of problem pronouncing something and it causes problems in communication, there are ways to teach correct pronunciation using a number of methods; explaining what is happening in the mouth, which part of the tongue is flexed or how the lips are shaped for the emission of a vowel. When people have a problem with German o-umlaut, for instance, you would say something like 'shape your lips as if you're pronounce the O and force out an "ee"'. It takes a few minutes but since you can't literally adjust the parts of the mouth by yourself, it's the best way to teach someone pronunciation. Sort of like coaching a singer.

July 9, 2014