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<a href='/article/195/ville-lumiere-et-ville-des-lumieres-locutions-in-french' target='_blank'>Ville Lumière Et Ville Des Lumières: Locutions In French</a>

You don’t really know French until you understand and know how to use locutions. A locution is two or more words--when used together--that form a specific, unified meaning. You already know some of them, like “pomme de terre” ...

Jul 8, 2014 12:00 AM
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Really interesting article, Séverine.


I wonder if we can translate <em>locutions</em> <em></em>as idioms in English? I guess they don't correspond exactly, but a lot of the examples you give of locutions seem to be similar to idioms. Idioms are expressions which don't make sense literally, but have meaning as a unit. e.g. "Take a seat."  - (Meaning: Sit down).

So, perhaps <em>locutions </em>are the same as idioms and sayings?


P.S English also says "as hungry as a wolf", it does not usually say "as hungry as a bear".




July 14, 2014

Super comme article Séverine ! Très utile pour ceux qui apprennent notre langue :)

July 15, 2014

Merci beaucoup!  Tres tres interessant!!


To Rosia, when the bear wakes up he is very very hungry.. so "hungry as a bear".

July 14, 2014

Re: bear/wolf


I always thought that in English it was wolf: a famished wolf, to wolf it down, the wolf at the door, (all expressing hunger, urgency and lack) whereas a bear can go up to a hundred days without food.



July 13, 2014

Thanks to you all for these comments, it's very encouraging for me. I'm already thinking of another article subject. I see however some defects there, or points which are not very clear. For example, to answer to Tracy, and although I know that my english is not very good, I know that "un loup" is "a wolf". I did not want to translate literally, but I tried to choose the closest expression. Where french says "I have a wolf hunger", english says "I'm hungry as a bear". It teaches me I must be more precise. I did not gave the translations of all "locutions", to let students make their own research, because I think it's very important in the learning process, but if you have difficulties to understand some of them, even after looking for explanations, feel free to ask me, I will allways be glad to answer. Thank you so much again.

July 13, 2014
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