Germans Outclass Barzilian in the Semi-final of the World Cup.

Does Brazil played a poor football or Germans played some extra ordinary game?
What do you think?
As far as I concern Brazil not played their game for what they are famous for, Germans perish their defence by doing SEVEN goals, Brazil looks like a street team in front of Germans, I just amaze on that Brazil fail to make any good move against Germany.
I am not big fan of football but this one sided match disappoint me too because Brazil lose the match without any resistance, they break the hearts of all the Brazilians. My sympathies are with the Brazilians.


Jul 9, 2014 7:10 AM
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I think it was a mix of both. The Germans played really well and were well positioned. They really played as one unit, as a team. The opposite can be said of Brazil. They weren't united and they didn't seem to have tactics.

It was uncomfortable to watch. I started the game supporting Germany but I actually felt embarrassed about how bad they were beating Brazil.


Of course, unlucky me, I went away from the game for about twenty minutes and was in disbelief when I came back to see it 5-0 at 30 minutes. I thought there must be a mistake with the scoreboard.

July 9, 2014
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