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Netherlands going to crush Argentina!!!!

Today, netherlands  is going to crush Argentina by 2-1. What do you think? ? 

Jul 9, 2014 5:26 PM
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@brasimericano  ... Thanks for the correction of my correction.  "The Netherlands" is correct. "Netherlands" is incorrect.  The definite article "the" should be used with the name of the countries that are a federation of states.  A simple grammar rule, which all English learners should know. 

July 10, 2014

I saw the game in the pub yesterday. I was nerves breaking. I drank too much, to cope with the tension. I slept at 03.00 since the adrenaline successfully fought the alcohol. I am sick now. I have taken a day off, ask for this before the match since I knew I would be a wrack the next day. 


By the way, why are all you down voting Steve, if he corrects your writing. We are all here to learn English. I think you should be happy if somebody corrects your grammar here. I mean these are discussion, or meant to be discussions, TO LEARN A LANGUAGE. If you want to chat about footbal, without people correcting your writing, there are loads of other sites. 

July 10, 2014

"Today, Netherlands is going to crush defeat Argentina by 2-1..."  The word "crush" means "to rout".  It would be appropriate to use the word "crush", if you were to say that Argentina will win by several goals such as what Germany did to Brazil.  However, I would not say that winning by a goal is a crushing victory. 

July 9, 2014

Footbal is only interesting if you want your team to win. I am sure for the Dutch and Argentinians it was a very exciting match, but merely for the importance of it. My daughter never liked footbal, until she went to a game together with her boyfriend. Then she felt the adrenaline and the desire to win in the crowd, and now she loves it too.

July 13, 2014

please, keep with your predictions because it seems they give some luck to us hehe

July 10, 2014
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