Is there anyone willing to help me in conversational Mandarin and/or Spanish? Needed Mandarin or Spanish teacher in exchange for English. No exchange is necessary, I just need a teacher in either of these two languages! If you do not speak either of these languages but are in need of an English teacher, I would be willing to help. There are many more languages I want to learn, and chances are you know one of them!
Jul 11, 2014 2:46 AM
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Hello I am Spanish tutor. I live in Mexico so I speak the Spanish with a Latin accent is, if you're not interested in this type of learning Spanish, if so, we will gladly help you improve your Spanish and you help me with my English.
Leave me some form of contact if you are interested.


Hola yo soy tutor en español. Vivo en México asi que el español que yo hablo es con acento latino, no se si estes interesada en aprender este tipo de español, si es asi, con gusto te ayudo a mejorar tu español y tu me ayudas con mi ingles.

Dejame alguna forma de contacto si estas [email protected]

July 14, 2014